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stands for Make A Great Impression on the Customer.
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Thoughts from Tom
Feature Article:
Living the MAGIC Standard as a Leader
The Art of MAGIC: Illusion or Reality?
Optimize Cognition at Work by Reducing Decisions: Part I
What's New at Communico?
Questions from the Field
Another Fun Reinforcement Puzzle

About Us
Communico helps organizations build and sustain exceptional service cultures. With our MAGIC® system of training and consulting services, we collaborate with you to measurably improve your customer and employee experiences.

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Thoughts from Tom

The Voice of Service Leadership Experience

Tom Larkin, President & CEO of Communico Ltd.

Maybe it’s the change in seasons that has me thinking about what’s timeless, and at the same time extraordinary. Take vision, now that’s timeless. It’s the crystal clear picture of where we’re going and where we want to be. But how many people and companies clearly map out how they’ll get there? It’s the extraordinary ones, those with a combination of inspiring passion, grounded discipline and skin in the game.
In this issue, we explore how the MAGIC® Standard gives meaning and direction to your vision. It’s the skin on the bones that informs personal accountability and starts with every leader being “all in.” “Living the MAGIC Standard as a Leader” dives into what it means to go beyond “walking the talk” to “being the talk” because the power to realize your vision is in the personal commitment to your standard. When it comes to your standard, we encourage you to be bold: behavioralize it, post it, measure it, coach it, and by all means, talk it up! Be sure to check out our engage-a-graphic for even more great ideas.

Since we’re focusing in a big way on the timeless and the extraordinary, it makes sense to note that everything worth pursuing takes energy and willpower. In this issue you’ll read about an eye-opening study that revealed how the many small decisions we make throughout the day impact our cognitive functioning and our work performance. (And you’ll want to stay tuned because we explore this topic even further in our December issue.)

Finally, be sure to check out “The Art of MAGIC” where you’ll explore five ways to bring out the MAGIC in your skills. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary – transform an interaction into a legendary MAGIC moment.

Happy reading!

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Living the MAGIC Standard as a Leader
Leaders use our MAGIC Standard in two critical, powerful ways: to evolve soft skill metrics, and to connect with their direct reports and peers in a way that strengthens internal relationships and bolsters the bottom line.

Read on to learn more. ​
The Art of MAGIC
With the new U.S. Postal Service’s first-class forever stamp, “The Art of MAGIC” as a backdrop, read an insightful reflection on the relationship between “magic,” the art of illusion, and “M.A.G.I.C., the art of magical service.
Optimize Cognition at Work by Reducing Decisions: Part I
Is it possible that the small decisions we make throughout the work day directly affect our high-level cognitive functioning and professional performance at work? The science says, “yes!”

Read on to learn more about decision fatigue and the real-world impact.
We have two related news items:
  1. Our beloved Evelyn is retiring at the end of this year
  2. We are looking for a MAGICal team player to assume this role and would like your help.
Training & Sales Coordinator--a key resource for all internal staff and our clients
The Coordinator supports Communico’s sales and training teams by managing the program calendar, client contracts, licensing agreements, and marketing materials; fields all incoming calls from clients and facilitators; partners with internal support functions in program development, executive outreach and accounts payable, logistics, and fulfillment; acts as a key resource for internal staff, clients, independent contractors, and vendors. This position requires exceptional, professional presence on the telephone, in email, and face-to-face. We’re looking for someone with 4—6 years of office administration and customer service experience, a bachelor’s degree is preferred, and a proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is a must. 

If you know of someone in the Fairfield County, CT area who would like to know more about this opportunity, send resumes and inquiries to: (no phone calls, please).
Questions from the Field

Submitted Questions...
...from our clients and facilitators - though all are welcome!  Click here to submit your question.

Q: What are the best ways that companies obtain data in order to measure results?
A: They can capture data from two dimensions;
  1. What’s our impact from the customer’s perspective?
  2. What’s our employee experience delivering on our brand promise? Are we being the walk?
Capture data from the customer by:
  • Post call live interactions from your staff, QA, HR or internal recourses
  • Post call or interaction electronic or voice-response-unit (automated) surveys
  • Simple polling of service reps who are in direct (voice) contact with your customers
Capture data from the employee by:
  • Reviewing scores and/or feedback from the service standard scorecard; are we delivering on our intended measures?
  • Polling and surveys on whether leaders at all levels deliver (model) on the company standard
  • Employee surveys; Does their direct report understand and communicate the service standard in their meetings with you?

Q: What is the value of a unified culture?
A: The value of a unified culture is both observable and hidden.

Some of the ones you can see and measure
  • Higher return rates on employee surveys (increasing the validity) – they are together on supporting the organization – they feel connected
  • Lower turnover costs when employees feel they’re on the same page with their direct report and the culture at large
  • Lower costs of talent acquisition. Quality applicants will contact you when they hear the culture is unified and supportive. People enjoy working in organizations when they feel everyone is in it together
Some of the ones you can’t measure as easily
  • Discretionary effort and willingness to contribute added value
  • Interpersonal productivity and team productivity
  • Punctuality and contributing quality work
  • The spirit in the shop; do we complain at lunch or share great stories
  • Social capital  
  • Volunteer service project successes
  • Attendance at corporate events
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Reinforcement Puzzle #31
Try your hand at word scrambles, crossword puzzles, logic games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.
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