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Letter from the Editor
Five Brain Facts that Influence How People Learn
Ambidextrous Agents Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales Performance
Higher Ground: One Statement Informs a Lifetime of Choices
Free Webinar: Handling Difficult Situations
Communico in the News
Another Fun Reinforcement Puzzle

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Letter from the Editor
Do you ever feel unappreciated? Perhaps even taken for granted? Yet, how many of us take the time to show we care about others? Sure, it's easy to share a few "attaboys" and think we've done enough. But, expressing heartfelt gratitude is a rarity in today's hectic, time-intensive business world.

It's really not that difficult to show appreciation, but when you do, the effects last a long time. Appreciation lifts us up and helps us see the gems within us; that which makes us special and unique in our own way. It makes us feel safe, and motivates us to give our best and care even more.

So, why do we hesitate to express sincere appreciation for those around us who have provided support, or simply lent a helpful hand or a shoulder to lean on? Why does it feel so awkward, when it is so soothing and uplifting to those on the receiving end? According to a recent Towers Watson Global Recognition Study, "appreciation is everything." Their recent research revealed that only 7% of people say their company is excellent at appreciating great work. And, over 79% of people cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving their jobs.

What do employees really want? Some form of recognition every seven days. Yet, just over 50 percent of leaders recognize their employees once a quarter or less. Check out the infographic from O.C. Tanner for more startling statistics.

Appreciation is also universally welcomed. It builds bridges, and fosters healthy relationships and trust. Whether we are struggling with our careers, moving up the ladder, or just a bit overwhelmed, some kind words can be just what we need. And without them, the impact can be dramatic.  According to Bob Nelson, Ph.D., president of Nelson Motivation Inc. and author of <1501 Ways to Reward Employees, "If you don't care about your employees, and show it, they won't care about you—or your customers."

So, make a point to show you care about the people around you. Catch your associates doing the right things, for customers and their fellow associates. Express thanks for their contributions. Really listen and respond to employees' concerns or suggestions in a way that demonstrates respect and trust. Seek out their opinions and acknowledge their contributions to the greater good. Tell them they matter. 

As Voltaire noted, "Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."
Five Brain Facts That Influence How People Learn

Try a couple quick experiments to see how your brain works. Discover why confusion is good for the learning process, how feelings drive behavior and the impact of watching others. 

Read on to explore five brain facts that will help decipher the mysterious muscle that is your brain.
Ambidextrous Agents Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales Performance

Ambidextrous agents are sales associates who demonstrate the ability to perform both sales and service functions.

Read on to learn the three key steps needed to help agents master these diverse skills, and how this strategy can create long-term customer relationships and improved business results.
Higher Ground

Doing the right thing when it is a matter of black and white is easy.  It’s negotiating the subtleties where higher ground meets common ground that can be dicey. 

Read on to uncover the one statement that provokes the powerful questions that can inform a lifetime of choices.
Free 30 Minute Webinar: Handling Difficult Situations

Dealing with Difficult Situations  has become more critical than ever before. We are faced with new technologies, procedure updates as well as the need to keep employees and customers engaged and satisfied. Plus, dealing with challenging people can make jobs even more complex. And now there is research that skillfully dealing with difficult situations leads to customer loyalty.

Would you like to be better prepared to handle the myriad of difficult situations you face? In this free webinar, we will introduce you to effective responses to these interactions and share best practices that you can immediately apply to your job.

Specific topics include:
  • Learn how to refrain from taking attacks personally
  • Create emotionally intelligent responses to manage difficult customers
  • Develop empathy and listening skills that reduce stress and improve effectiveness
  • Discover how to deliver bad news to internal or external customers with a proven tool

Click here to register.
Communico in the News

Our own Diane Berenbaum is featured in the June edition of The Call Center Times.

You can read her article, Four Best Practices for Customer-focused Chats, and explore the Call Center Times online magazine by clicking this link.
Reinforcement Puzzle #6

Try your hand at Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Logic Games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.

If you'd like to test your knowledge and puzzle prowess, click here to view the latest puzzle.