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Thoughts from Tom
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Make Opposites Attract: Master High Tech and High Touch for a Great Service Experience
Virtual Reality Promises to Revolutionize the Customer Experience: Part 2 of 2
A Custom Customer Experience Builds Confidence and Trust
Empathy Corner - Seeing it Their Way
Questions from the Field
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Thoughts from Tom

The Voice of Service Leadership Experience

Tom Larkin, President & CEO of Communico Ltd.

Check this out: the two most important Customer Experience factors listed by survey research are “quick resolution” and “pleasant person.” Well, I wasn’t surprised, and you probably aren’t either. High tech and quick resolution go together nicely. While ATMs and automated emails are fast with the information we want, we know that if we lean too much on efficiency, we unintentionally send customers away and ruin our brand reputation. A great customer experience can be quickly obliterated by curtness, an unprofessional voice or sloppy word choice. The MAGIC happens when someone does the ordinary magically.

Consider this:
  • “Thanks again and I’ll try to get back to you later today.”

Versus this:

  • “Thank you again for your call and I’ll send you the status by 3 PM today.”

Which would you trust?

It’s the details that manage perception.

For a big picture view on the “marriage” of high tech and high touch, check out our feature article, Make Opposites Attract: Master High Tech and High Touch for a Great Service Experience. And, for insight into how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can contribute to a great service experience, be sure to read “Virtual Reality Promises to Revolutionize the Customer Experience.” Finally, because we never grow tired of digging deep to understand our personal experiences of service, dive into a gem from our archives “A Custom Customer Experience Builds Confidence and Trust.”

As always, Here’s to the MAGIC in you.

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Make Opposites Attract: Master High Tech and High Touch for a Great Service Experience

When was the last time you were caught in the automated customer service loop?
There is a push to move away from the phone menu of services and toward making it easier for customers to talk to a representative. Click here to learn more about providing high touch experience in a high tech environment.
Virtual Reality Promises to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

In Part 2  of our two part-series on how augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR) are transforming service cultures, we explore specific ways AR and VR will revolutionize how we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Read on for more on how this technology gives us the opportunity to truly combine high tech with high touch to develop outstanding relationships.
A Custom Customer Experience Builds Confidence and Trust
Dealing with a reluctant customer can be more nuanced than straightforward.

Read on to learn how one savvy associate listened and artfully used a range of skills to not only make a sale, but to make a connection, build trust and create a "custom" customer experience.

Empathy...Seeing it Their Way

People can view the exact same thing and end up having vastly different interpretations of it. Seeing empathically puts you in the place of attending to others. It allows you to let go of your lens in favor of someone else’s. Of course, sometimes that’s a little hard to embrace because we tend to work under the premise that everyone thinks as we do. That what is obvious to us is obvious to others as well. That’s the mystery of empathy, it allows us to see something new and learn something different.

Interpretation of emotions, non-verbal communication such as body language and micro expressions are key pieces of information. Voice pitch, pause, linguistics (words chosen when speaking or writing and how they are used) are the manifestations of what’s going on with that person. Observing and sharing your perceptions is not judgement. What it is, is attentiveness and meaningful engagement. Empathy sharpens your listening skills and develops a better connection with employees and customers. Seeing in their way; It’s a win/ win.

Q: How do I balance meeting my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and still ensure my customer walks away with the best experience without feeling like a number?
A:Balancing high-touch and KPIs is a challenge. Keep focused on empathic responses when you have to hold the line on KPI’s or procedural requirements.

The way to keep peoples experience ‘human’ so the don’t feel like a number is by focusing on him/her specifically. Avoid the classic “I’m sorry_____” that unintentionally focuses on you. Instead, concentrate on him/her:

“Ms. Johnson, I appreciate your concern about the fee, and I’m going to work with you now to keep this from happening in the future.”

“Mr. Getz, I can understand your frustration with long hold times, I’m going to help you immediately to resolve this issue; may I ask you a couple questions?”

Q: How do we get management on board, with action and not words, to really know the importance of morale?

Get management on board with interview data. Have your employees or team answer a few questions that get at the real issue. Morale is not a problem. It’s the symptom of the problem you haven’t identified. Ask a few key questions that allow you to discover the cause of the poor morale you perceive. Some sample questions:
  • What could your coworkers do to make this a great work environment?
  • What could you I do to make this a great work environment?
  • What could leadership do to make this a great work environment?
These three questions can give you some insight into both the cause and solution, while posing it in a productive format.

When you create value for leaders by bringing meaningful data, you gain their time and interest.

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Reinforcement Puzzle #35
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