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Inspire MAGIC Employee Engagement: Three Strategies for Success
Seven Tips for Giving and Receiving Meaningful Feedback
Critic or Partner? What's the Impact?
Communico in the News
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Letter from the Editor

I hate to lose. Perhaps it's because my two older siblings always seemed to win—everything. So, for much of my life, I've had this nagging compulsion to prove myself. It took a while, but eventually I realized that this was not a recipe for success. And I recently came across a New York Times article that brought this to light: "A Break in the Action" by Francis K. Clines. It is the story of a high school senior, Brendan Olinkiewicz, from Shelter Island, New York. 

Brendan was on the school's basketball team, but he had never scored a point in all of his four years. He was playing in his final game in his final year; and in the final minutes, he was sent in to replace a teammate who fouled out. He was surprised, but it became clear to all the fans that "a fix" was in the works. His teammate feigned illness so Brendan could get to the line and get his "shot" at scoring. The hometown crowd roared their approval, for he was a student "better known for his friendly demeanor than his basketball prowess," as The Shelter Island Reporter put it.

Brendan missed the shot with 4.5 seconds left. But, the game was far from over. A teammate grabbed the rebound and, oddly enough, passed it to an opponent on the Smithtown Christian team, Andre Oge. The passer then fouled Andre to get him to the other foul line. Apparently, a "double fix" was in. Turns out ... Andre had not scored a point either. But, Andre sank both free throws that day.

As time ran out, the inbound pass went to Brendan. Smithtown helpfully pounced, fouling him. Brendan went to the line; his last big chance to score his first point. The crowd fell silent. And then, according to reporter Ted Hills, "He sent the ball into a perfect arc and into the basket; and the stands exploded into a frenzy."

The score was now 59 to 51, and Shelter Island had the game safely in hand. But in those final minutes, the score didn't matter. And, it didn't even matter which team "won the game." Coach Michael Mundy said the real victory was in both teams' efforts to help Brendan and Andre onto the stat sheets and boost their confidence as well. That's what winning is really all about.

Perhaps I was meant to find this article to remind me of this mindset, and that winning is not really "everything" after all. It's clear that winning can be defined in a number of ways, and it's not necessarily about being the fastest runner, the best swimmer or even #1 in your class.

And although at times we may not feel like a winner—we are all winners. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen."

Inspire MAGIC Employee Engagement: Three Strategies for Success
Current research on employee engagement levels in the U.S. workforce is disheartening. But your employees' level of engagement begins with you and thrives on three key elements.

Read on to discover these elements and ways to nurture deeper levels of engagement and contribution within your organization.
Seven Tips for Giving and Receiving Meaningful Feedback
Feedback can be hard for us to hear, particularly when it's not how you see yourself. Yet, we all have the opportunity to use feedback for positive learning and personal change.

Read on to learn seven ways you can reset your approach and make the most of this valuable gift.
Critic or Partner? What's the Impact
Criticism damages engagement.  Leaders who use it for performance feedback will create injury that is difficult to heal and will likely damage performance in immeasurable ways.

Read on to discover the two types of criticism, the drawbacks of each one and a powerful alternative.
Communico in the News

Our own Tom Larkin is featured in the December edition of The Call Center Times.

Click on the link to read his article, "The Six Constructs of Skeptics and How to Engage them to Support Organizational Success," and explore the Call Center Times online magazine.

Reinforcement Puzzle #9
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