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Thoughts from Tom
Feature Article:
Making Fight or Flight Reactions MAGICal
Why Don't People Read My Emails?
Seven Ways to Express Gratitude
Introducing: Questions from the Field
Another Fun Reinforcement Puzzle

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Thoughts from Tom

The Voice of Service Leadership Experience

Tom Larkin, President & CEO of Communico Ltd.

Increase your responding and watch out for your reacting

Respond more, react less? Yes, because we all want to be the architects of our experience. Reactions are problematic because they lack the pause, the thinking, and the intentionality of how we want to be in a difficult situation. Our feature article illustrates some of the classic reactions you’ll want to avoid and provides some coaching and specific approaches to reach for as well.

If responding more and reacting less is something you are reaching for, understand your reactions and yes, hone your response skills with MAGIC. But don’t stop there. Go a little deeper by seeking out the inspiration that will awaken your spirit and nurture your attention and your intention. The more open you are to the connectedness of life and humanity, the more you’re able to pause, think, and respond intentionally instead of falling back on a fight or flight reflex.

Are you willing to make a ten-minute date with yourself? I hope so, because you will not be disappointed when you view photographer Louie Schwartzberg’s TedX Talk.

Seeing and attending to the MAGIC and beauty in life increases your ability to respond to it with gratitude. When you develop this “response-ability” you infuse those difficult moments with the pause that brings you back to your intention, back to what matters, and back to what’s possible.

You may even want to play this short, visually-compelling talk for your team and turn it into a community building moment. A team with a strong, inspired “response-ability” can serve your organization’s vision in ways you may not have thought possible.

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Five Flight or Flight Reactions and What You Can Do to Make Them MAGIC
When you are on the receiving end of a customer's heated emotions, how do you respond?

Read on for a review of five common "tragic" patterns and how to make them MAGIC.
Why Don't People Read My Emails?
Ever feel like no matter what you do to write a clear, succinct email, no one is reading them?
What to do with that frustration? What to change? Who to change?

Read on for one person's take on this exasperating dilemma.
Seven Ways to Express Gratitude
People are not hardwired to be grateful; it takes practice to receive the life altering benefits of gratitude.

Read on to learn seven ways to practice and express gratitude.
Questions from the Field

New Feature Added to the MAGIC Service Newsletter
Frequently our clients and facilitators send us questions. We are introducing this new section of our newsletter to capture your questions and share our responses. Click here to submit a question.

Q: Is it important to measure average handle time to measure reps' performance?
A: Average handle time is an important operational measure. It can tell you if your software is slow, or requiring too many clicks to access information. But it's not a good performance measure for reps. The reason is that the rep cannot "control" the customer. They influence but they don't control. Assessing reps on outcomes they can't control hurts the coaching relationship and becomes a distraction to the rep. When customers feel rushed off the phone, it lowers satisfaction, courtesy and engagement scores as well as contributing to poor social media ratings and feedback.

Q: What are ways to measure culture besides recordings of calls with clients?
A: For both call centers and business cultures in general, you can use some of the following to measure your culture:
  • live interviews with employee focus groups
  • employee engagement survey
  • employee satisfaction
  • customer satisfaction
  • coaching relationship satisfaction
Consider the following checklist as an additional set of measures:
  • Does your culture have a standard?
  • Is your standard measurable?
  • Do you have sentiment analyses on your intranet?
  • Is your standard used as a "coaching" or a "monitoring" tool?
Click here to submit your own question.
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Reinforcement Puzzle #30
Try your hand at word scrambles, crossword puzzles, logic games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.
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