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Letter from the Editor
If Culture is Key, then How Can Training Help?
Petplan Creates Dedicated Fans with is Passion for Top-notch Service
Got Patience? You'll Get Better Service If You Do
Another Fun Reinforcement Puzzle

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Letter from the Editor
We've all been there. We make a plan and have every intention of seeing it through. Then…something gets in our way. Most of the time, it is our very own thinking, according to Patty Chang Aker, author of Some Nerve, Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave.

I heard Patty speak at a local function, and her meaningful message stayed with me: Everyone has some fear that has not only become part of them, but has also held them back. Our fears run the gamut: aging, becoming boring, bullies, chaos, control (loss of), death, failure, flying, heights, letting go, looking dumb, math, nature (especially sharks), public speaking, public toilets, rejection, success, water, wedgies…to name a few.

Dealing with any one of these fears can be daunting (especially sharks). Some of them may have already become debilitating. I grew up eager to please and afraid to fail. Given my high-achieving parents and siblings, I became accustomed to what Patty refers to as "leaping up," that is… taking steps toward a goal. But "leaping out"? Reaching out of my comfort zone, trying new things?  Not so much. 

Although seemingly daunting to some of us, leaping out can lead to a more fulfilling life. Intuitively I get that, but taking action in that direction is quite a different story. Fortunately, Patty shared some ways to make that leap:

1.  Choose a "Pet"
Not a cat or dog (though I love dogs), but one interest or area of your life, job or relationship that would be improved with more care and attention. What can you do to leap out in this area? Make it a priority.
2.  Find a "Hand"
Ask friends to support you in your change effort; perhaps they leaped in this same area. Ask how they overcame their obstacles, and what they found on the "other side."
3. Leap with Confidence
Small leaps will help you build confidence, but half-hearted leaps will get you nowhere. Start with a few small steps out of your comfort zone. Then, go ahead and leap more confidently and wholeheartedly.
4.  Ask Yourself, "Why Not"
The question "why" tends to guide many of our decisions. But, doing something for no particular reason opens you up in unexpected ways. So, what could you say "why not" to today?
Leaping can be scary. There's no doubt about it. We can be our own worst enemies, and talk ourselves in or out of situations. But when you tell the story of your life, the leaps you took will be the best parts—the ones you're most proud of. So go on, take a leap. What will be on the other side?  It's time to find out.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -Buckminster Fuller
If Culture is Key, Then How Can Training Help?

Culture trumps strategy. Get it right, and it can transform your company's performance. Research shows that organizations with a creative and adaptive learning culture outperform the competition by a tremendous margin.

Read on to discover three ways to create this kind of culture and five key points where training can influence the alignment between culture and strategy.
Petplan Creates Dedicated Fans with its Passion for Top-notch Service

The atmosphere is playful, but Petplan's dedication to pets and their parents is serious. America's best-loved pet insurance provider creates raving fans by always delighting their customers.

Read on to learn about the unique and creative ways they energize their team, their engaging culture, and why they're on Forbes' list of America's Top 50 Most Promising Companies.
Got Patience? You'll Get Better Service If You Do

With far less leisure time than we had years ago, every precious minute counts. As a result, it is easy to get impatient and end up taking out our frustrations on others.

Read on for two real-life examples which show that a little patience can yield much better outcomes.
Reinforcement Puzzle #7

Try your hand at Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Logic Games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.

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