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Thoughts from Tom
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Lead with What Matters: 5 Steps to Actively Engage Your Team
Four Sure-fire Ways to Better Listening
Growing a Deep Service Culture: Humans Helping Humanely
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Thoughts from Tom

The Voice of Service Leadership Experience

Tom Larkin, President & CEO of Communico Ltd.

Last week we presented a webinar that touched on this issue of aligning leaders to engage employees. You may be interested to hear how a manager, Steve, engaged the leaders with interview data from his frontline reports. When he provided rich interview data to the leaders a few of them decided to attend his department-wide meeting. To quote Steve, “When the leaders walked in, the frontline engagement went to a whole new level.”

Don't underestimate the small things, like having senior leaders attend a team meeting. That sends a valuable message to people - leadership values you. Our feature article details five steps that work wonders. And, communicating what you see in the contributions of your people draws out engagement and resilience. When people notice us, it’s easy to bounce back and contribute more. You may want to look into “The Power of Full Engagement” by Dr. James Loehr. 

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Engaged Employees with Ownership Mindset
Employee engagement is on the rise in the U.S. and service leaders know that engaged employees are the heartbeat of a great service culture.
Read on for five actions that build engagement and ownership.
Four Sure-fire Ways to Better Listening
Your ability to listen greatly contributes to your success. As you plan your next professional interaction, have you planned to listen?

Read on for four suggestions on the best ways to engage with others.
Growing a Deep Service Culture
The service that your customers experience is no accident. It's rooted in the attitudes, skills and knowledge of your service culture.

Read on to learn three steps to building a deep service culture.

Tom Larkin is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. This article was originally published by Forbes, February 28, 2019.

Empathy...Through Your Eyes
Consider an Empathy Eye Exam
Begin to respond empathically by a little exercise. Put a reminder on your phone and all it will say is CARE:
     Attending and
Set it for twice a day to capture you out of the blue. After you notice the CARE show up on your phone, you’ll attend and respond to someone empathically. And, it may be yourself! As long as you voice it aloud, it will make an impact. You’ll be impressed how this practice will support your skills development.

Q: How does leadership drive and support ongoing reinforcement rather than just depending on training alone?
A: Engage leaders with opportunities that support the training initiative. Put small actions in front of them for their approval.
  1. Provide an email they can send to all after the training. And, provide one or two more that are planned to reinforce the training. Make it easy for them to communicate your desired message.
  2. Develop a few posters that get placed strategically in the office area – not just the training room.
  3. Give middle managers some ways to reinforce the training. I saw a box of Twizzlers get a lot of attention in reinforcing behaviors. And, associates thought it was fun as well. Don’t overlook the simple CTDV (Catch Them Doing Vision). A small compliment about an aligned vision behavior works.
  4. Get approval for a Champions team that reports to leadership monthly and is charged with coming up with ways to reinforce the training and engage employees.

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Reinforcement Puzzle #34
fun-challenging-puzzles.jpg Try your hand at word scrambles, crossword puzzles, logic games and more. Use them to support your training, stimulate thinking and reinforce MAGIC principles. Fill them out on your own, or use them for a lively team challenge.

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