Petplan is not a typical insurance company.  Co-founders Chris and Natasha Ashton base their business on a philosophy of gaining “fans”, not customers. Their goal is to deliver top notch service, exceed expectations and attract new fans.

Business Need
They aimed to attract and retain clients and help them become “fans” for the long-term. In addition, they recognized that a service and fan-focused approach will have a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

Goals of the Project
  • Attract fans with top notch service
  • Improve customer and employee relationships
  • Develop their associates so they feel empowered  

What we Delivered
  • MAGIC of Customer Relations for their “Happiness Managers” to ensure consistently exceptional service
  • Mastering MAGIC in Difficult Situations to prepare associates to handle any challenging call
  • One-on-one coaching to sustain the behaviors

According to Michael Miller, Director at Petplan, “The positive change has been systemic and significant. MAGIC has given our organization the ability to measure and quantify the value of our customer interactions.”   Other results include:
  • They realize that outstanding service needs to be a mindset for the whole organization
  • They hold each other accountable and communicate to customers in an empathic way
  • The number of escalated calls has significantly decreased
  • The team feels more confident and knowledgeable

Learning Points
  1. MAGIC isn’t just for managers.  Everyone benefits from MAGIC.
  2. Using ‘proven’ tools reduces the time it takes to show business impact.
  3. The MAGIC standard and continual feedback is a winning combination