Our People

Karen Ham Karen Ham

I decided to give up the corporate world when my daughter was born so I could spend more time with her. After she was 6 months old I began to climb the walls so I went on to pursue a career with a more flexible schedule.

It is then that I started my own bookkeeping/consulting business which has grown to be full time now. This is okay now because my daughter is all grown up and certainly not nearly as needy as when she was little. I have worked with several types of business throughout the years and more recently added a non-profit group handling all state and federal grant work and compliance.

Personal Trajectory:
I am a true optimist!

My glass is always 3/4 full.  I live life for today as you never know what tomorrow brings.

I have a very difficult time saying no!  Cleaning out my clothes closet.

Favorite Project:
Helping people in need.

Special Interest:
I would like to travel the world with my daughter.  I love to cook and would love to expand my cooking knowledge (given the time of course).  I would also like to improve on my Spanish speaking abilities.