Randye Kaye Randye Kaye
Senior Consultant

Experience and Education:
  • University at Albany, SUNY - BA, Education
  • Teacher/Communications Professor/Corporate Trainer
  • Pro Voice Talent | Actor | Author | Speaker/ Humorist
  • Radio broadcaster and podcast host

Personal Trajectory:
I’ve worn a lot of vocational hats in my life, which all have this in common: effective human communication and the sharing of positive energy. Oh, yeah - and paying the mortgage, supporting my family, doing what I was born to do.
Maybe it’s corny, but I like to elevate the love in the room before I leave it - whether that’s by increasing empathy, sharing knowledge, facilitating an experience, or igniting shared laughter. Nothing replaces the human connection - it’s why we’re here.

  • Strive to see things from your point of view, even (especially) if we disagree
  • Whatever will be funny tomorrow is probably funny sooner than that - so I tend to look for that
  • I love to teach, and to learn
  • Creativity - improv skills (and years spent single parenting) mean you can do a lot with a little.
  • Born without the gene that cares where the ball goes. Find me on stage, not on the field.
  • I do not love cooking, except occasionally - and applause required.
  • “Multipotentialite” = many passions, varied days. Virtue or Vice? Hmmm.
Favorite Project:
My daughter and her husband created three new little humans in 2 ½ years. They live only 5 minutes away, so guess where my husband and I spend our spare time?  
Also, I have to do at least one theatre show a year or I suffer from withdrawal.

Special Interest:
Reducing stigma and inspiring research and empathy re mental illness (my son has schizophrenia, and my book Ben Behind His Voices is, my readers tell me, making a difference.)
I love to travel - and I love to come home. But I hate to pack.