MAGIC® Helps Create and Sustain Customer Focus


Eleven Years of MAGIC

PepsiCo Bottling Group's (PBG) service culture endures because associates own the principles of MAGIC and hold each other accountable for great service. Throughout the entire finance receivables group, MAGIC has helped to create a professional, customer-focused climate.

According to Dr. Linda Felker, project leader, Staffing and Training, "It (MAGIC) infiltrates your whole life and makes a difference in how you interact and speak with co-workers and customers alike."

Eleven years ago PBG introduced MAGIC to its organization and it continues to have a far-reaching impact today. The success of MAGIC is proven in how the customer support staff in PBG's call-center interacts with customers and handles complaints. As Linda describes it, "They facilitate the calls faster, more efficiently, resolve issues to the customer's satisfaction more often, and consistently maintain quality relationships."

Modeling, Coaching, and Continuous Reinforcement Drive Success

A major part of the blueprint for MAGIC's success at PBG has been the endorsement and continued support of upper management. Linda asserts, "You must have the support of management. It's good if they can step in and share a personal story about how they've seen it work and why it's important." Senior management at PBG models the service focus and the employees follow their lead.

All new employees are required to take the two-day MAGIC program within the first six months of employment. "They come into the program with high scores on their benchmark role-plays," comments Linda. "I see an average score of 28 out of 33 Points of MAGIC." She attributes this to good modeling. "When a new employee is in training and taught how to manage calls, they are learning MAGIC from day-one."

Once employees are through the program, Linda's group closely monitors quality by randomly recording calls and rating them using a Quality Monitoring Form based on the 33 Points of MAGIC. "We can easily assess who is using MAGIC and who is not, and then coach them for better performance."

Refreshers are offered periodically and often requested by managers to reinforce to their staff the principles of MAGIC. Since the course is flexible and can be broken down into modules, Linda reinforces the concepts and skills in short, dynamic workshops.
For example, she helps the staff remember how to stay calm and manage irate callers by facilitating the section on Ego States. Continuous learning is critical to sustaining the efforts of the staff.

Exceptional Return on Investment

MAGIC has proven to be a vital part of the training process at PBG. As Linda puts it, "The return on investment has been exceptional. Our customers are being treated professionally, and they're happier after an interaction with our staff. Overall, it's a very cost efficient way of maintaining a high level of customer service."
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