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An interactive e-learning tool to increase the quality and consistency of customer service interactions.
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The MAGICĀ® of Email Writing
Write More Clearly and Concisely
Organizations are increasing their use of e-mail for correspondence to customers — yet e-mail is often overly formal and company-focused or too casual and confusing.

Do your documents have a positive or negative impact on customer perceptions? Are all your e-mails projecting a consistent level of professionalism and grace.

Course Objective
Help associates write more clearly and concisely — and to ensure that all e-mails will Make A Great Impression on the Customer™.

Benefits of the MAGIC® of E-mail Writing

  • Write more clearly and concisely — so you achieve your aim
  • Write faster — so you don't suffer from writer's block
  • Grab and keep the reader's attention — so you make a MAGIC® impression every time you write

What You Will Learn
The program provides business writing principles in four phases:


  • Focus on the audience — internal or external
  • Identify your purpose and outcome
  • Determine when an e-mail is appropriate
  • Create subject lines that get results


  • Create clear, concise and correct e-mails every time
  • Edit extra words to maximize impact
  • Use the Clarity Index to measure readability


  • Structure ideas based on the purpose of your message
  • Use the MAGIC format when writing to customers and delivering bad news


  • Discover key business e-mail protocols
  • Add visual components to enhance the look of your messages

Check and Polish

  • Learn and apply a best practice quality standard
  • Avoid the most common netiquette mistakes

Program Details
The program is tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Prior to any project, we request representative writing samples and prepare tailored rewrites for in-class exercises and group discussion.

This one-day session addresses internal and external e-mail writing. Different formats, including virtual delivery, can be arranged.

Contact Us to bring The MAGIC® of E-mail Writing to your company.

"We are committed to M.A.G.I.C. at NY Life Individual Policy Services. Every associate in Service Operations goes through the training to be sure we create a consistently positive impression. Everyone loves MAGIC and sees how it can help them personally and professionally. I am confident that MAGIC is a big differentiator for NY Life."
- Renee Giocolano
New York Life Insurance
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